With ever-rising olive oil demands, we are here with the motive to unshackle you from all the confusion and provide you with India’s Finest Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: OlvDew. Our raw olives are harvested from the finest orchards across the globe. OlvDew comes with a lot of herby aromas such as grass, fig and tomato with a slight nuance of spiciness and bitterness. The combination of Amino & Fatty Acids and Vitamin E & K present in OlvDew make it quintessential to have in your kitchen for a fit body and glowing persona. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory quality in the oil are bonus health benefits. We ardently strive to bring to you a golden, shimmering bottle of the Best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: OlvDew.

A Passion For Olive Oil

OlvDew started with love and passion – perhaps an obsession with olive oil. After living in and travelling around the Mediterranean Basin and partaking in the beautiful cuisines of the regions each using copious amounts of locally-produced organic extra virgin olive oil, we realized there was a massive deficit for quality olive oil in India.

Choosing the World’s Best Olive Oil

For providing outstanding quality, taste and aroma through our product we visit the most innovative and dedicated oil producers. We keenly look into the history of their company, their production methods from harvesting to publishing and most importantly their love and passion for olive oil. Our experts taste their freshly squeezed olive oil as it comes out of the tap and then bring to you the finest olive oil after a series of quality checks.

Our Process

There are over 800 million olive trees worldwide and plantings increase each year due to rising olive oil demand. The onset of autumn summons us to harvest our freshly matured picual olives. This marks the starting of OlvDew: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which primarily has organoleptic characteristics. A purely organic manual method is used to bring the organic olive oil to your table. We import the finest quality of organic extra virgin olive oil via sanitized container ships from the lands of Aires de Jaén, Spain. Then the oil is instantly sent to the most hygienic and exclusive bottling and filling plant located at NCR, where the processes are carried out in organized and safest way possible. We are the first and only olive oil brand in India providing the oil in glass bottles as it suits the shelf life of the oil while also enhancing its extra virgin quality.

Reasons why you should choose Olvdew

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Our Standing Team

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